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1/8'' 1/2'' BSP NBR and Steel Hydraulic Bonded Seal Ring

The application and performance

excavators, loaders, graders, dump trucks, forklifts, bulldozers, scrapers, mining trucks,

cranes, aerial vehicles, garbage transfer vehicle, sliding cars, agricultural machinery,

logging equipment, etc
  • usit ring rubber gasket for hydraulic pump
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Hydraulic Matal and Rubber Seal Rings Usit




Product Description

NBR and Steel Usit Ring Bonded Seals

Self Cent ring Series

1.  Application: For sealing at high and low pressures

2. Users: Universal

3. Material: Synthetic rubber, Zinc plated steel or Stainless steel (on request)

4. Remarks: Ability to preassemble, Bolt torque is reduce with no loss of tightening load

 The working temperature is -40°C — +100°C



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