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motorcycle exhaust graphite gasket Hot sale!!!

Exhaust gasket for cars
Application:for Car exhaust
Packing:Poly bag
  • GTI
  • Hebei
  • original packing
  • GTI
  • free
  • factory

Gasket installation requirements:


1, the sealing gaskets and flange sealing surface should be clean


2, sealing gasket diameter should be smaller than flange seal face outside


and inside diameter should be slightly bigger than a pipe inside diameter


3.Sealing gasket pre-tightening force should not exceed the design rules


4, sealing gasket compression, it is best to use the torque wrench


5.Installing a sealing gasket, should be in order, in turn, tighten the nut


treatment to replace or adjust the sealing gasket


6. if there is any leakage, must be installed after antihypertensive


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