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 No. 168, Xinxing Industrial Area of Ren County, Tiankou Town, Xingtai, Hebei Province 05154


Company News

  • Workshop Supervisor

    Workshop supervisor: 9 years of service, mainly responsible for the production schedule of the workshop. Strong management ability, strict to staff, but not lose affinity. Efficient and orderly management to ensure production progress.

  • Logistics supervisor

    Logistics supervisor: for 10 years, She is mainly responsible for the sales and sales of products, and have a strong executive ability. Every order can be completed on time to give the most satisfactory reply to our clients. She often says, "customer's demand is our eternal pursuit".

  • Workshop manager

    Workshop director: fixed number of year for 7 years, mainly in charge of workshop production management, has bears hardships and stands hard work work spirit and communication ability, can in an orderly way to arrange the production task, to meet customer demand. He have done a good job for the comp



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