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Black/Blue/White Hydraulic KDAS/DAS/TPM Oil Seal

DAS Hydraulic Compact Piston Seal
DAS is 5-piece compact seal for seal of double-acting pistons. The profiled back-rings on both sides of the seal element prevent extrusion into the radial seal gap. Angle bushes guide the piston in the cylinder tube.
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Product Description

DAS Excavator Compact Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Oil Seal

The DAS profile is a high-performing, double acting compact piston seal composed of a profiled rubber ring, two polyurethane back-up rings and two L-shaped POM wear/back-up rings.The function of the guide rings is to guide the piston in the cylinder tube and to absorb transverse forces. The design provides a compact seal and guide combination for a closed or split installation groove.

Y3`QCLV5YPG233@KAXRN]9WIMG_20180417_110936Design Standard:

Design and apply reference Trelleborg company DAS series, Parker company ZW series, AS company KGD series of standards.

Technical data:

Temperature: -30°C / +100°C
Up to 40MPa
up to 0.5m/s
Mineral oil based hydraulic fluids, water, oil and glycol, oil emulsions

Profiled seal: NBR
Back-up rings:Polyamide(PA)/Polyoxymethylene (POM)
Wear/Back-up rings:PA or POM

Main Features

Good sealing effect
Excellent extrusion resistance
Excellent wear resistance
Reliable sealing for significant and sudden pressure variations
Assembly in closed groove, reduced machined cost
Economic wear and sealing solution
Mobile machinery
Hydraulic cylinders
Agricultural machinery

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